Friends of Dreamweavers

To us, your 'gold' is as valuable as time... and we thank you. See our Friends below and then please consider us and Become a Friend of Dreamweavers yourself! Or, no spare change? We'll of course accept your 'gold', as a Volunteer at Dreamweavers.

Friends of Dreamweavers

Perpetual Friend ($10,000)
Joan Burt

Saints ($2,500)
Napa Valley Chapter Women Realtors

Patrons ($1,000)
Kiwanis Club of Greater Napa, Daniel and Diana Monez, Grgich Hills Cellar

Producers ($500)
The Doctors Group, The Lux Productions, Tom and Gwennyth Trice, Jan Wienecke

Benefactors ($150 - $499)
Tom Andrews, Debbie Baumann, Patricia Gardiner, Kenneth Gustafson, Stephanie Cole/Richard Ogden, Thomas Martin, Julie Dickenson, Napa Valley Petroleum, June Alane Reif, Herman Eichorn, Charann Neu, David Foushee, Corrina Smith, Patricia Gardiner, Nicole Suare

Angels ($100)
Sandra Callahan-Butin, Devine Paint Center, Betty Beck Forstner, Charles DeLorimier, Michael Garibaldi, Gerard Gert, Bob and Dell Gilfallan, Gwen Gill, Maureen Grinnnell, Robert and Nancy Gurley, Charlotte Inman, Jay Jacobson, Fred and Susan Kesler, Joseph Lewis, Robert and Dorothy Mack, Gwen E. McGill, Clifford Nelson, C. Michael Quinn, Patricia Quinn, Charlene Reilly, Charles Roach, Daryl Roberts, Laurence Stone, Pat, Steve, and Makena Tolman, Thomas and Gwennyth Trice, Patricia U.M. Wartenweiler, Pamela and David Williams, Gar Wynne, Ronald Young

Friends ($50)
Myrna Abramowicz, Janet Altman, Darlene Anderson, Pamela Bernstein, David Coggiola, Mike Coughlin and Lori Stelling, Jacqueline Deruiter, Peter and Lilo Drier, Allen Ewig, Eveyln Fielden, Ann Fink, Audrey Fletcher, George and Linda Gargalikis, Jane Kensoke, Elizabeth Mautner, Thomas and Virginia Rue, Karen Scriven, Peter and Terry Smith, Inara Steinbruner, Joyce Trentacoste, Conni Venturi, John Wagenknecht, Pamela Williams

Members ($35)
Janet Duhe, Gerard M. Gert, Virginia Humble, Ronald Karow, Peter D. Lutz, Mark Mautner, Jeanne Narbut, Patricia Newton, Peggy Parrott, John W. Pearson, Carla Poggemeyer, William C. Searcy, Gloria Searloss, Bethany Zepponi

Thank you to all our anonymous donors and regular patrons!

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